The Perfect (Thing) Online Sourcing

Price: $30+ (depends on requested item and complexity of request)

Looking for the perfect couch? Lamp? Cocktail dress? Send in a couple of inspiration photos or a thorough explanation of what style you’re interested in, along with restrictions (price, size, material, etc.), and a list of option links will be provided to you within a week (faster turn-around times available for a rush fee.)

Wardrobe Stripdown

Price: $50, up to 3 hours

Seeking more simplicity in your life? Overwhelmed by “stuff”? A streamlined wardrobe can be a powerful stress-reliever. Three hours of in-home consultation is provided on what essentials should be kept (along with how they can be paired in new ways), what items can be donated or sold, and how seasonal pieces can be used throughout the year.

Shopping Tagalong

Price: $100, up to 5 hours

Need new clothes or a style update, but not sure what to buy? Looking for some new stuff for your home? “Can I go shopping with you sometime?” is my most popular request. Send in a couple of inspiration photos or an explanation of your goals, and we’ll hit the road together. (Bring a water bottle and/or coffee – we’ll cover a lot of ground!) Stores will be chosen based on unique goals and budgets, and pricing is based on consultation time – does not include price of items, gas, or mileage.

Special Event Styling

Price: $30+

Certain events call for the perfect “look.” Perhaps it can be found in your closet, perhaps you’ve got a bunch of borrowed clothes from friends that you don’t know that to do with, or perhaps said “look” calls for some new threads. From an in-home styling visit, to an impromptu run together to the mall (or the thrift store!), the perfect solution for your situation can be provided.

If you are interested in any of these services, or discussing a custom project, please reach out by submitting your information through the contact form.

More options coming soon!

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