Leslie grew up amidst sawdust, books, and art. With an artist for a father and an english teacher/realtor for a mother, it’s no surprise that she now obsesses over art, design, words, architecture, and fashion.

Her “education” results from an ingrained instinct to observe her surroundings – learning from what people wear. What they have built. What they have joined together. What they have torn apart. Relationships between colors, textures, lines and curves. She takes these observations and molds them into perspectives on aesthetics. The “looks” that work for her. The styles that work for other people. No formulas. No foregone conclusions. Individual expressions that represent individual points of view.

Other things – She lives in Indianapolis, works in marketing, communes with staggeringly amazing people, and dotes on her beloved pets. Drives a hatchback with a lot of dings and dents. Re-arranges her apartment every couple of weeks. Stubbornly stays home almost every Friday night. Enjoys washing dishes. Hates touching flour. And… there you have it. All the important stuff.

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  1. To pass on the favour, according to blogosphere rules, I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award and a Very Inspirational Blogging Award! Thanks for your beautiful photos and hilarious writing.

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