It’s been 2 months since I moved into my new house. A friend recently asked me if it felt like home yet, and my answer was “not yet, but getting there.” I still find myself accidentally walking into the wrong bedroom every once in a while, and I’m still discovering quirks about the house that remind me we’re still semi-strangers with one another. But… the more settled the house gets, the more it feels comfortable to me. The things that drew me to this house were its charming MCM details, the way it makes me feel connected to nature (check out that amazing window!), and a size that seemed perfect for me and the pets.

For those of you who missed, it, Apartment Therapy came out to my old apartment several years ago to photograph the space, and you can see that tour here. I’m curious for your perspectives on whether the two homes are clearly inhabited by the same person, or whether you see differences in style. I tried to learn the new house’s personality and let it guide some of my decor decisions, but I also suspect that my design point of view is still shining through. I purchased a new couch (that was intentionally selected for comfort, compared to the last one I had that, while a stylish showstopper, wasn’t great to curl up in.) And once I decided to go with blue (a very different color choice for me, believe it or not), blue became an inspirational color in the house. And the rug I selected for the living room sometimes feels like it was chosen by someone else, because it is so very different than my normal aesthetic. But I really love it, and it gets the most compliments out of anything else in my home. I appreciate that the move gave me the opportunity to play with some new decor choices. I will link to some of the new things I purchased for the house at the end of the post!

I still gravitate to mixing mostly danish modern in with some midcentury modern, with a little bit of industrial. That just… won’t change, no matter that house I am, I don’t think. I don’t do many BRIGHT colors, and I love a ton of white and black (they play so beautifully with wood.)

So… let’s dive in.

Living Room

This room was challenging to configure. And, I did the best I could, though I’m not convinced I won’t adjust it as time goes by. The tricky thing was situating furniture in a way that highlighted the view outside, but also allowed me to watch TV from the couch, and didn’t make the main living space feel cut off from the dining room. So, the TV is positioned at an angle on a fairly deep media cabinet that allows me to easily watch from the couch. The perfectionist in me wants the tv to be parallel to the wall, but it’s a small concession to make in order to make the real focus of the room the outdoors.


The corner with the shelves and the TV still isn’t quite right, but I’m trying not to lose sleep over it. The solution will present itself, eventually.


In August, I scored a gorgeous Selig Lounge Chair that’s a dead ringer for the Eames Lounge that I’ve been hunting for over a decade. Finding this alternative right before moving was perfect timing.


The blue couch I mentioned only just arrived about two weeks ago, and it’s a dream to snuggle up on. I had a couple last minute pangs of regret as I said goodbye to the old couch, with its clean lines and beautiful color, but I still feel I made the right decision.


I’m still working out the throw pillows situation, but… a girl’s gotta pace herself, ya know?! I’ve got candles everywhere (the only way I survive winter is trying to trick myself into thinking dark and cold is “cozy” with flickering candlelight), along with plants, books, and dried botanicals. I also hung some fairy lights for the upcoming holidays. I’m VERY tempted to go all out with holiday decorating this year, but I’ve sunk so much into new stuff for the house already that I think I should go low-key this year.


Dining Room

Though you’ve already caught glimpses, since this room is attached to the living room, here are more photos to give you a better sense of the room. I’ve already had several small dinner parties, and the space feels sweet and warm in the evening. I almost bought a bar cart when I moved in, but have been satisfied so far with how the current industrial console is working out. I also purchased a used dining table so I could seat more people and am currently hunting for a fourth Eames chair (ideally the Shell, not the Scoop) to round out my collection of three.


There isn’t a ton of room here, so I have to be selective on the details. If I could add one thing to the mix, it would be a chandelier, but that may or may not happen very soon.


Until this weekend, I had the table oriented differently, and pushed against the wall, but I think the adjustment I made in anticipation of Thanksgiving might become a permanent one.


Warning – I didn’t make my bed for this. Not sure why – I just didn’t feel like it, and this is how the room looks most of the time anyway, so I figured I could justify the decision in the name of authenticity.


The pink sheets are new to me – but I figured I likely won’t be able to have them forever, so while I’m making ALL the decorating decisions (aka I am single right now), I’ll go pink! I’ve also always been intrigued by the idea of painting the walls in a bedroom pink, so this was my “lite” version of that. When I moved, I got a new headboard and mattress, and I’ve been sleeping really well. (Check out the bottom section for sources – but I’ll spill that the headboard came from TARGET. I couldn’t believe it. It is really sturdy and well-made.)

Office/Dressing Room

Like an insane fashion person, I was originally planning to make the bigger bedroom my office/dressing room, but ultimately decided that I wanted more natural sunlight in the office (dimmer light in the bedroom sounded perfect for waking up leisurely), so that dictated the choice. It was the right one.

This room was also tricky to make work, due to its small size – I felt like the various elements I was trying to fit into it were feeling clunky, but I’m finally feeling relatively pleased with the current setup. This room still feels pretty unfinished to me… I need a new office chair, want to accessorize it more, and maybe get the armchair in the corner reupholstered. Plus figure out some additional storage. But… I’m getting there!


I feel SUPER FORTUNATE to have a dedicated room to spread out my clothing. Even though I’ve been struggling to feel style-inspired recently (perhaps all my energy has been going into the house?), this is normally one of my main creative outlets. What I walk out of the house wearing every morning serves as a really satisfying form of personal expression. So, having a room dedicated to that feels like such a gift.



My bathroom is a bit of a lighting rod for strong opinions. You either love it or hate it. What could possibly elicit such strong feelings from people? The green tub and sink.


So I turned (what some might perceive as) lemons into peaches with this statement shower curtain that plays really nicely with the green.



Sadly, this is not my dream kitchen… it is a rather small galley kitchen with limited counter space, old appliances, and a tiled floor. But… I’m making it work. It has some cool original features, and I’m no stranger to operating out of a small kitchen. And, I appreciate the fact that it has a window over the sink (something my apartment lacked), and a side door for bringing in groceries.


New House Purchase Sources

Living Room: Couch, Rug, Low White Bookcases by window, Hanging sconce by bookshelves

Dining Room: White Floor Lamp

Bedroom: Headboard and bed frame, mattress, mattress protector

Office: Desk, Desk lamp

Bathroom: Shower Curtain

Kitchen: Microwave

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