Earlier this week, I got to take a quick trip through an Ann Arbor neighborhood that contains a treasure trove of MCM houses. I found the neighborhood through a local MCM architecture awareness organization called A2Modern. If you are ever in the area and want to see some really great homes, check out their interactive map here.

Listed architects include:

  • Aiden Dow
  • David Osler
  • Edward Olencki
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • George B. Brigham
  • Herbert Johe
  • James Livingston
  • Joseph Albano
  • Joseph Lee
  • Robert C. Metcalf
  • Robert Pond
  • Tivadar Balogh
  • Walter Sanders
  • Wells B. Bennett
  • William Muschenheim

No one seemed to bat an eye at the little Honda Fit slowly creeping through the neighborhood, so I suspect this group of homeowners is fairly used to visitors. I ended up cutting my exploration short for medical reasons (Really chest pain?? You have to show up right when I’m trying to stalk awesome houses?) but enjoyed the brief time I got to spend, and hope to be able to return at some point and finish out the sightseeing.

Regardless, I’m so appreciative of groups like A2Modern who take the time to create information about midcentury modern architecture for the residents of a city, and/or for the tourists/visitors passing through. I wonder if anyone at Google would be up for the task of creating a special feature in maps where you could search for certain architectural eras. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Just filter down to a list of pins? The challenge with the A2Modern site is it’s not the easiest to navigate when actually driving. I basically picked the address of one of the houses I was most excited about, put it into Google, and then explored from there without the assistance of the A2Modern map. Likely missing some gems.

Here’s the house that caught my eye, and served as my initial navigation point:

Called the Muschenheim Residence, it was built in 1954. Check out the house’s feature page for an AWESOME view of that back that isn’t visible from the street. I was really bummed that I couldn’t see that view in person.

And then here’s a general collection of the other houses I spotted weaving through the curvy and wooded streets in the area. I know far fewer details about each of these houses, but I’m guessing there’s a ton of information on them on the A2Modern site, if you are interested.



You can barely see it, but this one had the most amazing bright purple door. Not necessary true to the era, but I loved it nonetheless.






If you enjoyed this quick post, check out my more in-depth post on MCM homes in Palm Springs!



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