I’ve been obsessively stalking Dr. Martens for a few weeks now. Seems like almost everyone I’ve spoken with has owned a pair. “Man, Dr. Martens are the best. I wish I’d saved all the pairs I had when I was a teenager.”

Guess who has two thumbs and has never owned a single pair of Dr. Martens?
(Picture me double-thumb pointing at myself.)

They were always too expensive and I was never good at saving the little bit of money I had as a adolescent and teenager. They were in the category of Lucky Jeans – the name brands my friends had. Not practical. Not me.

Am I resolving a latent desire for these boots that’s resided in me for 20 years? Not sure. All I know is ever since I’ve been noticing the comeback of nineties styles, I’ve been thinking about these combat boots.

Perhaps the reason I never had these as a kid was the same reason I didn’t rush out and buy a pair immediately once inspiration struck. As someone who doesn’t like to pay more than $50 for shoes ($80-ish if I’m splurging), the idea of dropping $140+ stung. I did quite a bit of searching, and finally caved and bought a classic black pair half-off from Nordstrom Rack (who is running a flash sale on them right now – run run run!).

But before I made the big purchase – during my searching – I happened upon some reasonable alternatives. Most of the time less expensive. Most of the time equally as awesome. So, if you’re in a similar boat where you’re “Dr. Marten dreamin'”… read on.

The first pair I seriously eyed was the 1460 Playing Card Style (pictured directly below on the left.) It seemed to be the perfect combination of funky AND neutral enough to wear with a lot. My size is sold out in a lot of places, and I could not find it on sale anywhere, so I moved on. But not without finding some great (and cheaper) alternatives in the same style…


Dr. Martens Inspiration, top, bottom

Knowing that I really didn’t NEED another pair of black boots, I was really drawn to reds and purples. Plus, it has always been a secret goal of mine to own a pair of red cowboy boots (obsessed with the idea since Naomi was wearing them constantly eons ago.) Figured maybe I could scratch that itch with combat boots instead of cowboy. Here’s what I found in that realm…


Dr. Martens Inspiration, top, bottom

What I landed on ultimately was a classic black pair because I know I’ll probably get the most use out of them. For those of you who tend to get more practical the more money you’re spending on something – these are for you…


Dr. Martens Inspiration, top, bottom

In case you are wondering, the Docs I snagged were these. (Now sold out.) Assuming I love them when they arrive, you’ll be seeing me in them frequently!

Happy stomping!


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