Hey everybody. Hope y’all weekends have been super fantastic! Today turned out to be breezy and sunny, and I’m trying to SOAK IT ALL IN with park trips and dog walks. Amidst chores and errands and all the less exciting stuff. (I have “hard boil eggs” on my to-do list for the day, so you see what I mean.)

As usual, I’ve got a list of things for you that I’ve run into on the internet recently and liked. And I hope you like them, too. 🙂

Spring makes me want to get outside, but it also makes me want to stay inside with a glue gun and paints. Here’s a couple of DIY projects that I’m eyeing…

Or… if I want to be REALLY lazy but still get a sense that I made something cuter, I could just put tape on things. (Ahh the miracles of washi tape.)

I’ve also been thinking about doing something slightly more heavy-duty, to help with storage, but we’ll see. It might make more sense for me to try to NOT bring any more pieces of furniture into my apartment. I’m always amazed by the creativity of people hacking ikea stuff into interesting pieces.

And, on the topic of home improvements, I really love this living room before and after. And this attic before and after.

Old silo becomes a modern home. Guh. I love it so much.

Also love this house. And this one. Both modern homes out in the country.

Clearly I love houses. And I’ve been thinking more and more about getting one of my own, again. Here’s a helpful article I stumbled across about financial planning for home ownership. (Some of it is rather obvious, but when it comes to financial planning, I tend to benefit from the elementary approach.)

Mari Andrew just speaks to my soul and makes me smile. Her depiction of confidence. Oh and here’s another related one – Pride in myself.

Speaking of confident – I’m CONFIDENT that I’m ready to be done seeing pictures from Coachella. (Yes. We get it. You live a luxurious lifestyle and are partying in the desert.) Here are some of the best outfits.

“I want to be relevant, even with my wrinkles.” – The fashion industry is starting to listen (and respond) to words like these.

Real talk on loneliness.

Real talk on friendship.

I’ve found one thing to make me hate California traffic a little less.



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