Hey all! Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend so far. I’m feeling sore and powerful after my first ever self-defense class. (Also – feeling sobered over the situation that so many women find themselves in where predators attempt to victimize them.) I’m thankful to have been able to get trained with friends – there isn’t much better than learning to kick ass with ladies you care about, and feel inspired by. I hope to be able to post about it soon.

Anyway – on to my list for you fine folks!

A big fan this loft in Toronto. And this MCM home owned by the most popular instagrammer on the planet. (Pop quiz – do you know who that is?)

Oh and this beach house. Seriously guys. I can’t get enough of looking inside other people’s houses. Can you?!

I gotta be honest. I’ve always loved hoop earrings, but haven’t always felt like I could really let my hoop flag fly. Now, I’m feeling more confident, thanks to these ladies.

Discovered this jewelry maker out of Brooklyn. (Wow. Groundbreaking. A cool “maker” operating out of Brooklyn. Haven’t heard that one before.) Particularly taken with the necklaces.

I wrote about my disappointment in the friendships depicted on The Golden Girls earlier this week – and mostly heard disagreement. But – I stand by my stance.

I’ve been starting to get antsy for some new artwork, and just stumbled across this option. Yes – I know prints aren’t as great as the real stuff. Before anyone gets huffy.

Isn’t this the cutest little room? I love attics.

Finding thin slices of joy. I love this article. (Anyone wanna play a drinking game based on how much I say I “love” things in these Sunday posts? Prepare to get drunk.)

I’ve been feeling some frustration at work about hitting walls with new ideas. I’m an ideas person. An initiator. And, having been recently acquired (my company, that is) has put me in a position where I’m not feeling as “heard.” Last week I was speaking a colleague about this – ideas can’t be ignored, or your employees will stop giving them. And employees with ideas and passion are the most valuable resources there is. So, this hit home.

I’ve been doing more Stories on Instagram recently, and while learning, I’m finding her approach pretty inspirational.

Oh, Pepsi. What were you thinking?! Was it “Millennials love resistance”?

Baking is a productive form of self-expression and communication.” – I KNEW I got that pretty KitchenAid mixer for a reason.

I am ridiculously jealous of this couple’s life, thanks to instagram.

Are forrest cities the wave of the future? (I hope so!)

I’ve always used Audible for memoirs and bios. Listening to the author herself (or himself) tell her (or his) story is rad. Currently listening to (and LOVING) Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick. (Is there anything better than realizing a celebrity that you admire is no less screwed up than you are?!)

GIMME! Wicker clutch, leather wedges, nude midi dress, silk blouse that costs almost a grand, platform clogs, mustard floral pleated dress (once back in stock).

Hope you enjoyed all the stuffs on the internets today. Off to walk the pup and then sink into a muscle-soothing bath.



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