HEY EVERYONE, HAPPY SPRING! We’ve got a lot of rain coming up soon, but just knowing it is spring and getting little bits of warmth and sunshine is making me want to skip through the streets doing heel-kicks and cartwheels and giving high-fives to all the people.

In fact, my “springergy” might mean I won’t have to use these awesome introvert excuses for staying in any time soon. However, to my friends that are reading this, if I happen to give you any of these excuses in the near future it is PURELY coincidental that the very real thing is happening to me that was promoted in an article about something you can say to get out of going out.

Oh yeah, and on that being alone thing – I also live alone, and here is why it’s awesome.

Skip to around 1:15, and watch Melissa McCarthy reenact how I sometimes look in the kitchen.

What does my kitchen look like? You might be wondering. You can find out here, since RTV6 and The Indy Channel came out and took some photos of my place. There’s nothing like news outlets coming to visit for cleaning motivation, so hopefully they’ll keep coming.

And, still on the kitchen topic…

Custom-colored appliances at an affordable price! “Color” me intrigued.

Apparently sticking a million little needles in one’s face at home is a thing.

So is glitter butt makeup. (WHAT.)

You know those huge blue ikea bags that are super handy? The ones that, if you’re like me, you have a bunch of, stashed throughout the house? They’re getting a makeover!

I love the VSCO app. I almost always use it for editing. And now that I’ve seen their offices in Oakland, I love the brand even more. (Life goal – work in an office that looks as amazing as this.)

Okay, so I am not usually that into self-improvement and “how to succeed in business without even trying” types of articles, but something about this one felt beneficial. Maybe just because AIN’T NOBODY GONNA STEAL MY POWER!

This little girl is a major power statement. And there’s a bunch of people who want her to stick around. Including me.

Samsung appears to have come up with a legit way to making TVs blend into the background. Pricing hasn’t come out yet, but I am very interested.

I follow these guys on instagram, and their house is just wonderful and cozy.

Dress season is coming, and I like these tips on styling these feminine frocks. As a lover of vintage things, I have to carefully style my stuff so I don’t look like I am in costume.

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