Remember when I promised I was going to do better at posting these weekly? Goals, man.

Anyway – I’m continuing to procrastinate on doing my taxes, so I decided today was the day to get back on track with these Sunday posts. Because I am an adult and I understand the proper ways to prioritize. After this, I’ll be giving Huxley a bath. Because this is also more important that taxes.

A personality trait that I believe is going to be critical in bringing this country together in a Trump era.

I’m gonna make the final decision about what to wear in the morning, but this new Amazon service (free to Prime members) has me curious about getting a second opinion. Has anyone tried this? I haven’t yet (because, since I heard about this I have worn nothing but weekend comfies), but I hope to check it out soon.

Since we’re talking about trying new things, I’m also curious about these magnetic lashes. My beauty guru friend has ordered them, and I’m eagerly awaiting her report. (Curious about the guru mention? She’s essentially my everything style and fashion guru, so you should go see what I’m talking about.)

How does the role I am applying for contribute to the organization’s overall success?” – Important question out of a pretty strong list of stuff you should ask one you are interviewing for a job.

I wear socks to bed. It’s time for everyone to get over it. (In fact, here’s some stuff that might make you think about starting.)

Why have fashion designers lost their minds and decided that the way to make jeans better is to put tulle, lace, embroidery, and (fill in some other awful thing) all over them? Ugh. But I’ll give THIS trend a big “hell yeah.”

Here’s a hairdo that my inept little styling fingers might actually be able to tackle. It actually reminds me of the way I wore my hair every day in third grade. Plus “bubbles.”

Iceland – I could KISS you. America – where women are still making $0.70 to every man’s dollar – I could kick you.

Crackerjack idea, Starburst. April, hurry up.

You know I can’t post one of these things without a home tour. Check out this beaut in Seattle.

Errrrmmm… Maybe not just one. Cute little abode in Venice Beach.

This video was cute, then menacing, than cute again.

Sunglasses are one of my favorite things to buy. Just snagged these pretties.

This artist is killing it with the shape of women.

This article, busting health myths, features me and Huxley as the hero image. Which makes me chuckle. I can’t wait until Huxley becomes a big star.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend!



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