I just saw La La Land, and it has me jonesing to get some “new” vintage dresses. So inspired. Apparently, everyone is talking about this. Here and here and here and here and here and here and here. However, I think the big point that most of these articles are missing is that to get the looks she pulled off in the film – with dresses that fit her PERFECTLY, the normal gal will need to go to a tailor.

I love this little essay and it makes me want to try writing my own version.

Did you guys know about this online dollar store brand? Seems like it is the online version of the cute but cheap section when you walk into a target.

I love pens, and I love it when I remember I am not the only one.

Because you know I can’t post one of these without saying something about politics. We’re feuding, people. For real.

This is circulating the blogosphere – working from home – I can’t exactly relate, but I can imagine. (And, for your reading pleasure, here is my second runner-up for the thing that all the bloggers I follow are talking about. Mutual hate for mutual love.)

Honestly, every time I feel like I hate Trump as much as I can hate him, he makes some idiotic statement like females in his employ need to dress like women, and feel burning anger, and then I get a little less angry once I see how amazing people react.

Oh man. Time for another vacation.

You should “totes” support ACLU and Planned Parenthood. (Because, you can buy totes. Get it?)

Sometimes I wonder if I could go this minimalist. Could you?

Can anyone else relate to this? Staying informed vs staying sane? I’ve talked to more friends who have deleted the Facebook app in the last few months then ever before.

This is just lovely. And for some weird reason, this tree reminds me of the Pocahontas talking tree.

If the Super Bowl is good for one thing – it’s bringing out tons of appetizer recipes.



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