I went to a business meeting this week, and this pretty old letterbox greeted me in the lobby. Wanted to share its gorgeousness with all y’all today.

Gray days, man. i keep looking for sweet little things to make me smile. This approach to making a fun sign with balloons did it.

I’ve been struggling to figure out ways to consume both red and blue viewpoints. It seems so crystal-clear to me that our elected president is insane and only out for himself. However, I know a significant portion of the country feels differently, and I want to understand why they don’t see him I do. But I live in a bubble, and everything that comes through my feeds (Facebook, Flipboard, etc) tends to reinforce my viewpoints. Now, the Wall Street Journal is helping out. We’ll never be able to talk to each other if we don’t understand what media the other side is consuming. I also intend to read this book.

Steal away to the woods.

A Netflix documentary series that delves into the minds of the world’s most iconic artists, designers, photographers, architects…. YES PLEASE! (February 10th can’t come soon enough.)

Dubbed “A bad lip reading of Trump’s inauguration” and it’s very very good.

I’m starting to think more and more about buying a house in the next few years, so I guess I should start doing these things. Starting with, ahem, saving more money.

I’d like to do more crafty things with my time, but I often lack the little thing I need to do the desired project. Here’s a good starter list of tools for the wannabe crafting goddess.

I didn’t even know about this architectural gem in Indiana until about 6 years ago, and now they are making a movie about it. Can’t wait to see the tourism boom for Columbus.

I’ve been cleaning ALL DAY, but I might have minded it a little less if I’d had some of these beauts.

BrunchCon. Yeah. It exists.

When I was little, one set of parents lived in a converted church in upstate NY for a bit, and I thought it was magical. These are, too.

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