This is SUPPOSED to be a weekly post. The last time I published a Sunday list was at the end of November. Before the blog was even live. Gulp. Clearly I’m not doing a great job here, but I’ll try to do better.

Basically, just want to regularly share interesting, informative, inspirational stuff.

So, let’s do that.


Everybody’s talking about it. (Or should be.) Yesterday, we saw a history-making statement made from all corners of the globe toward Trump. We are here. You will listen to us.

Spending a lot of time thinking about LA and Palm Springs, since I have a trip coming up, and I’m enchanted with these desert homes.

Is instagram “over”? I think that’s hogwash—I find so much imaginative content in my feed, and love that I can now save posts. Finding the right people to follow is critical—whether it be “Grown-up Instagram style stars,” celebrity stylists, or design/decor enthusiasts, spend the time choosing accounts that will fill your feed with visual goodness.

A smart umbrella? Perhaps unnecessary but man this is cool. And I want one.

After living in a 450 sq ft studio apartment for several years, I realized that I really like having a little more space, but I love seeing how ingeniously other people make the most of their compact homes.

Impulse control. It can be super tough (I really struggle with it!), and here’s some help.

Too close for comfort. I’m in awe.

Perhaps I would work out more if I got to do it in a sequined dress.

I just love this simple tattoo.

Single ladies-spend Valentine’s Day appreciating the value of your female friendships. Brought to you by the Golden Girls – streaming on Hulu come February.

About a year ago, I got a miracle kitchen contraption and I’ve realized I haven’t used it nearly enough. That’s going to change in 2017.

Inspiring sentiment.

I love seeing people from my little hometown in northern Indiana doing creative things. Heidi doesn’t know it, but she created an absolutely perfect Valentine’s Day card for me.



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