Hey lovelies! I celebrated my birthday this past weekend, and spent a little time playing the “If I could ask for anything for my birthday, what would I ask for?” game. Though this is not a comprehensive list (a truly comprehensive list would be HORRIFYINGLY long and grotesquely greed-filled) – it’s a little sampling of the things that have caught my eye recently. The typewriter up top is something I was lucky enough to ACTUALLY get! Hooray!

Perhaps something from here will catch your eye as well – or, at minimum, you can walk away with a new resource. You’ll notice that several of the items come from Amazon. As much as I love Amazon, I’ve noticed that the algorithm still fails to serve up recommendations that truly appeal to me. (Etsy does a much better job, based on shops I follow and items I “like”.) Several months ago I stumbled upon Canopy, which presents a well-curated collection of Amazon products that are stylish and well-designed. I heart it a whole bunch. (I mostly use the app, but there is a website as well.) And, despite the distinct resemblance this post bears to a sponsored post – it’s not. I just wanted to share a site/app that I use and love to find things I want to have for my very own.

Hopefully I haven’t already lost you to the wonders of Canopy. (“Come baaaaacccckkkk”). Here comes the pretty stuff…

Sources: Teeshirt, lip balm, rocking chair, sneakers, flip clock, Nespresso maker, TV, toaster, shampoo, turntable, wall hanging, heater.

From a GORGEOUS and completely out-of-my-price-range TV to a lip balm I just ran out of, I’m sweet on this little collection. Perhaps a few of them will become mine in the near and/or distant future. (Presents to oneself, ya know?)



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