A list of funny, serious, interesting, inspiring, or “insert whatever other adjective you’d like here” tidbits/stories that you’ll hopefully enjoy.

Starting…. now.

I spent my day yesterday eating pizza and watching my beloved Gilmore Girls squeeze impressive numbers of pop culture references into about 6 short hours of feel-good TV. Also, on the topic of guilty pleasures – check out this comprehensive list related to one of mine.

Also, koalas are very cute. Don’t believe me? Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

Concrete can thought of as pretty cold, but this house disproves that perception.

Being in the moment. Why maybe that’s not the best idea.

I’ve been feeling pretty pissed at my gender since the election. (Sorry for the blanket statement.) But, obviously I can’t stay angry about it forever, so I’m trying to understand what happened. Interesting thoughts here.

It was thanksgiving a couple of days ago. A holiday that always encourages me to reflect a bit on what I’m grateful for. Here, NatGeo asks photographers that question. And the “answers” are breathtaking.

Running with the theme of totally obvious intro statements – winter is coming. Farmer’s Almanac is scaring me a bit, so I’m planning (in my imagination) a trip to LA, and wondering how many layers of clothing I can pull off. And, while I’m huddled inside my cozy apartment, I’d like to be reading this.

Did you know there are “popular girls” in the plant world?

That’s all for today, friends. Read anything interesting recently? Counter-perspectives to my opinions on koalas? Lemme know.



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