Don’t buy new old books. Make your old books new.

Let me translate that title for you in case it left you scratching your head. If you (like me) have books you would like to save and display (perhaps the Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon books, just for example) but they are ugly… you might be contemplating buying them again (even though you already own them) from Amazon, and trying to get older versions so they look cooler.

Save yourself the trouble, head to your nearest craft store, buy some wonderful paper and RE-COVER those bad boys!

My dear Emily of New Moon books are hiding under that patterned paper, waiting to be read on a yearly basis. In the meantime, they can sit prettily on my bookshelf for all our admiring guests.

The one thing I haven’t had time to do is figure out how I want to label them. Any suggestions?